I was really feeling mean Ewan’s all/black/navy/discreet tweed eulogy vibe. Very Tom Ford if Tom Ford were a Scottish curmudgeon. Also Shiv’s neckline was straight up ‘80s glamour shots

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My reading of Kendall’s coat (Loro Piana) with its stiffness and proportions, was almost childlike — it looked like a boys coat not a man’s coat, reinforcing those daddy issues for me.

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Moving onto predictions for tomorrow. The first episode had an outfit by Naomi Pierce that I LOVED and you shared not only the name of the designer and the show designer, who mentioned in another interview something about Naomi's clean lines indicating that she knows what she wants.

The only thing we have really heard that she wanted, was when alone with Kendall doing coke, was revenge on Logan who she blamed for the death of her Mom (I hope I'm remembering correctly as that was season's ago).

That's a plot point the show hasn't returned to. Even though she hasn't spoken much, we have had plenty of glimpses of her driven, clean fashion, so...

I predict some things in the presidential election will hurt the Roy kids, and so the female CEO Shiv asks about/the successor, is Naomi.

If not, we've seen companies go from being acquired to acquiring all season long. My other bet is that somehow the Pierces acquire the Roys.

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