Did you see the Brooke Shields' doc "Pretty Baby"? I didn't but hearing her promoting the project in interviews it does seem that she delves into how being valued for one's looks when they're a teen (or preteen I think in her case) really had a damaging effect ...

I feel like for a brief moment, Vogue tried to crown a new class of "supers": they called Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid that. But it really didn't seem to stick. Kendall isn't as culturally ubiquitous as her sisters. Gigi and Bella are popular but not in the way Christy and especially Cindy were ...

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When you tired of that Versace couch, please send it my way. It’s really fabulous. Fascinating story from your point of view. Thank you.

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Thank you for another great piece! Your reflection about what made Supers deserves to be explored. One thing I believe contributed to catapult them to where they are today is their relationship with the designers they catwalked for. Nowadays this type of relationship doesn't seem to exist or be as strong. Designers barely stays 5 years in the same house, or when they build their own brand there are too many middlemen between the designer and the models to create a strong bond, unless you're Gigi Hadid. There is no muse anymore like there were once. Outside of the Supers, when we think of designers like Yves Saint-Laurent, he had 'his' models, he designed FOR them and it led to create a certain image of the brand and the type of woman wearing it. Nowadays, it barely happens.

The whole modelling industry has evolved since the Supers era and now models are even more anonymous than they already were, even with social media. There are faces we know and see over and over again on catwalks, besides the Gigis and the Kendalls of this world, but they just stay, faces. That's it. To be culturally relevant and become a Super, I believe models nowadays can't only model, they'd need to be on many forefronts, and that requires a lot of work, energy, and time. And modelling already sucks up a lot of energy and time.

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Was surprised how likable the doc is.. well edited & great old clips. One can feel their friendship & each of them seems to have the awareness that the whole experience was “circus” .. such a contrast to that bland Vogue cover

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Just watched the first episode last night. Sang along with the soundtrack (and told my husband it was Wham UK before Naomi said it, lol), told my husband who Eileen Ford was and repeated Cindy's cornfield/Northwestern/Skrebnski stories before she did (I'm from Chicago).

My husband said "I think this is the story of your life" and he might be right.

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