Open Thread: What Fashion Do You Spend Money On?

An excellent article by my friend Charlotte Cowles in the New York Times explored the acute financial and economic anxiety felt among the millennial generation. Many of us are saddled with debt, have little to no savings, and are objectively not at all financially secure. And even those of us who are objectively financially secure don’t feel secure. A couple of the millennials Charlotte spoke to made a point to say that they don’t spend money on clothes. I am curious to hear from people of all generations here: what clothing/fashion items do you spend money on? Do you save up to buy fashion, and if so, what do you think is worth saving for? Are you a Hermès Hannah? A Manolo Mandy? Another alliteration altogether?

I’ll go first: I am an obsessive saver and have a hard time spending money on clothes; if I can splurge on anything, it’s more likely to be on an experience, like a vacation or a nice dinner. I don’t think I’ve truly splurged on fashion since I bought an Acne coat in 2015 using an editor friend’s 40 percent discount. I realize I was lucky to have been able to do this. (I still wear the coat.) Now, I mostly just buy clothes when I need something, and it’s more likely to be something machine washable and casual that I can wear worry-free around my two young kids than anything fancy or designer. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy or covet nicer stuff! I possess the exact financial anxiety described in Charlotte’s article. (Not to mention environmental anxiety.)

How about you?

Social media photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash