The likable star has built a seldom-questioned product empire on an empty idea of "wellness." 
Social media commenters are upset but there's an undercurrent of ageism to the whole thing.
Kim Kardashian was the star. Because she wore a dress she lost 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into.
And the depressing state of media today.
All about the Met Gala.
Oh, but that hemline.
Two former Saks employees talk about who buys all the clothes.
"Rules don’t apply to people who have money like that."
A discussion with journalist and critic Eugene Rabkin, who argues that fashion and politics need a divorce.
Editors are leaving media jobs they enjoy to be influencers, even though some say they would be happy doing both. Why can't they?
It's part of a broader positioning of the famous and beautiful as modern "wellness" gurus.
Will fashion and Condé Nast collapse in her absence? I'm skeptical.